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Motswana Consulting cc is a 100% black owned service provider. It is owned and managed by young black professionals; the company is registered in terms of the Close Corporations Act 69 of 1984.Its establishment was a result of  vision to cater for the increase in Unemployment due to the uncertain economic climate.



Within all boundaries of South Africa, Africa and the whole world adopting a green environment is one of the basic priorities; thus Motswana Consulting realised that caring for the environment comes as a number one priority to becoming a green world, coupled with high rates of industrialisation and mechanisation a lot of waste is created in the process and thus a new avenue for us as a business to engage and tackle two problems in one fell swoop, namely unemployment and hygiene services. Another major Objective of Motswana Consulting is to see the unemployment rate within South Africa decreasing.
The other component of the company focuses on the Entertainment industry by way of organising formal and informal events, whereby we will be offering tailor-made packages for events which will be totally turn-key. Through this as well we will be looking at identifying and working with new and established artists by way of artist management.
In addition to our objective we want to build and grow organisational capabilities, and creating a pool of highly competent workforce that contributes towards the South African economy, and hopefully spreading this green environment to the whole of Africa.


  • Customer satisfaction endeavouring to always under-promise and over-deliver.
  • Ensuring we build an indivisible reputation and track record.
  • Accountability is clear and personal.
  • Understanding and respecting our custiner's needs.
  • Our employees are our best resource. This includes employee performace, recognition and skills development.
  • Builcing organisational capabilities and employee competencies. Working and winning as a team.


Most institutes/individuals and communities require professional services and supply of workforce in a cost-effective and timeous manner.

The goals of Motswana Consulting:
  • Build an easily indentifiable brand in the Hygiene/Entertainment and hospitality industries.
  • Provide and supply services at lower cost.
  • Making an above average return to shareholders.
  • Guarantee on-time and in full services by having SLA's that are negotiated and agreed upon by the parties involved.


The products and services mix of Motswana Consulting are broad. They have been selected for the following reasons:
  • The competitive position demand such a mix
  • The cost per product remains low.
  • The supply of said products/services is sufficient at all times. "Availability

Motswana Consulting

03 Fourie Crescent Kibler Park 2091

Tel: +27 11 943 4601,


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DIRECTOR: DALINDYEBO MGUJULWA                                                                DIRECTOR: LUYANDA MZANGWE                                                                                             

The core management team has various individuals from different institutions in South Africa. We have a directorship of three people, which are founders of the company and who part owners of Motswana Consulting are and they are also responsible for the strategic planning and development of Motswana Consulting. Every person within the Company is (Management Team) responsible for finding opportunities and growth for Motswana Consulting.
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